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Good Deals!

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- Good Deals -

The team here at Apéros Frenchies love a good meal, and what better way to enjoy that meal than with a certified Apéros Frenchies Good Deal.

Père & Fish

The decor is rich and colorful, the food absolutely delicious, and the secret Mezcal bar, aptly called Mezcaleria, is one of the best date spots in Paris.

1K Paris

You might recognise Friends & Family as a previous recommendation from one of our lovely co-founders Eliz.

Friends & Family

Evening Apéro plans?

We were thinking a glass of wine from our friends down at Die Fromagerie Frankfurt!

Die Fromagerie

Exciting sports games, delicious burgers, fantastic ambiance, and free beer?! What more could you want!

La Francette

Getting around a big city is usually a breeze, but its good to have a back up plan for when plans go awry. *TIER scooter Promo Code*

TIER Scooter

You know that feeling when you get home from a long day of work, and you just want to relax?Looking for a candle that is equal parts cozy and eco-friendly? We have just the Good Deal for you!

My Pure Life | Style

Just in time to escape the cold! Download the app, create an account, and start riding today to begin earning loyalty points towards a free ride. 


Never miss out on the incredible cultural events happening in Paris every day! Use our promo code to begin exploring with CultureSecrets!



 Don't wait to long to take advantage of this Good Deal!

Cafe Paris Frankfurt

Just for all of you, here is an exclusive Apéros Frenchies deal to snag a 5 Euro reduction off your next online order of Cambusier liqueurs. Available until 15/9/2019!

Cambusier Liqueur

If you're a firm believer that all work and no play makes for no fun at all, then the Curtain Members Club might be just the Good Deal for you!

The Curtain Hotel & Members Club