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Apéros Frenchies understands the challenge of moving to a new country and trying to expand your network.

The founders faced the same challenges when they first moved abroad, and now as they continue their travels. Based on their experiences, they decided to create a space where a newcomer can easily meet new people, expand their network, and enjoy a little bit of home away from home.

Whether you are a francophile or not, Apéros Frenchies strives to help you create a connection when you arrive in a new city through our different events!

We carefully choose our International Afterwork Events cities because they are the favorite destinations for many expatriates who know how to work hard and hope to expand their networks, but need a little time to unwind with like-minded individuals. Our attendees are those who crave an International Afterwork Event organized to introduce them to the best locations their new cities have to offer. We know our participants have a good time, and we hope to continue to spread the French joie de vivre as we expand internationally. Curious about what we have to offer? Just come to the next event and see for yourself!

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